Benefits of Having Armed Security at Your Business

A security officer carries a gun on his beltThe question of whether or not to hire security is something that many business owners have to consider. For those that decide they will, there is another question to ponder: should the guards be armed?

This is not necessary for every business, but it definitely has its perks in certain situations. Here are some of the benefits of hiring armed security for your business:

Deter Issues

You hired security for your business to deal with a handful of potential issues. You want to avoid theft and robberies, but also fights and rowdy customers. Yes, security can deal with all those problems, but wouldn’t it be better if they never happened in the first place? Armed security will deter people from creating a problem in the first place. They’re far less likely to steal or vandalize your business when they see an armed guard.


A person can’t just buy a gun and become and armed security guard. When you hire from a security firm, you can rest assured knowing that any armed guard has been through extensive training. They’ll be licensed and know exactly how to handle a weapon. They’ll also have to pass a background check so you will have peace of mind knowing that they’ll be a trustworthy and competent person.

Protect Your Valuables

Nearly every business deals with theft at some level, but some businesses carry more valuable items than others. Thus, they’re more likely to deal with heists and robberies. Businesses such as banks, jewelry stores and galleries wisely tend to hire armed security because they’re so likely to deal with armed robberies. In these cases, armed security guards can stop and detain the culprits until law enforcement arrives.

If you’re looking to hire armed guards to keep your business safe, C.O.P Security can help you. Our team is made up of many former members of law enforcement, veterans of the military and other highly-trained professionals. Call us at 585-750-5608 to learn more today!

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