Consider Hiring a Security Guard for Your Next Open House

Open Houses If you visit a nursing home and chat with the residents about “the good old days,” chances are one of them will tell you, “We never locked our doors, ever.” Today, it’s a different story. We live in a world where it seems it’s getting harder and harder to trust anyone about anything. Fear and paranoia are rampant. One look at the daily news with all the crazy shootings going on and you’re likely to think society is more violent (and weirder) than ever.

For those of you who are selling your home and planning to have an “open house,” you might just want to hire a security guard from C.O.P. Security for peace-of-mind.

After all, you never know who is going to come through your doors, and it’s reassuring to know you’ve got someone standing guard should any “issues” arise.

Think about it this way: an open house is an invitation for complete strangers to walk around your house, looking it over. They’ll want to go from room to room, and wouldn’t it be nice to know you’ve got an extra set of eyes keeping an eye on them?

You don’t want people stealing stuff from your home during an open house. Just like stores put a security guard at the entrance/exit to check that people aren’t walking out with stolen stuff, you can utilize a C.O.P. security guard in this way for your open house.

Meanwhile, a security guard can help prevent accidents since he or she is able to direct visitors through your home, giving directions and instructions on your behalf– where to go/where not to go, what to be careful around, etc.

Finally, if you’re busy in one room talking up your house to a potential buyer, it’s such a smart idea to have the security guard at the main door, dealing with other guests since you can’t be everywhere at all times.

For dependable, professional security for your open house, contact C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608.

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