Don’t Make the Wrong Assumptions About Security Guards

Security Guard At Entrance Gate At NightWhat are some misconceptions about security guards? There are plenty! Here are some of them…


For starters, people often assume it takes no training to be a security guard. They figure anyone can be hired “off the street” and start the same day as a guard with no training or skills. That’s not true. Professional security guards go through a lot of training in order to meet guidelines and standards expected in the industry. States have specific regulations that guards must adhere to in order to become licensed.


Next, people assume security guards must be big, tall, strong straight white men. They assume guards will all be no-nonsense guys who intimidate anyone they see. Well, maybe in some situations, like bars, it makes sense to hire big and burly guys as guards, but realistically, security guards can look, sound and act differently than expected. For instance, you might see a short, skinny female guard somewhere, or an older person of color or a young guard as well. Guards are more diverse than people think.


What about the idea that guards “don’t do anything?” False. Guards have jobs during their shifts. They may take notes. They may watch screens. They might have to check bags for weapons. They might call the police. They’ll answer people’s questions and/or give directions. It’s a lot to juggle, actually.


Are guards always rude to the public? While some may be stern or intimidating at times, guards are generally not rude to people because that isn’t how they’re supposed to be with the public. They actually should be able to calmly and clearly communicate with all types of people, preferably in a friendly manner.


Finally, there’s the thought that hiring guards costs too much so why bother? Well, the reality is that hiring guards is cost-feasible for most businesses. In order to best protect property and assets, security guards play a vital role in keeping people and places safe from harm.

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