How Branded Patrol Vehicles Can Help Your Security Efforts

People who are up to no good prefer places where they’re not watched by others, where there aren’t a lot of lights lighting up sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and buildings, and where they feel they can get away with a crime without being noticed.

Security Patrol CarIf you have a large area that you’d like to have patrolled, consider hiring C.O.P. Security with branded vehicle patrol cars. These vehicles clearly communicate to any and all people who see them that they’re being watched by a security guard. They help control access to certain areas of parking lots and such, as well as deter crime.

Think about it this way: if you have a branded vehicle that clearly states it’s for “security,” and it’s driving around an area, people are going to notice it. They can’t help but notice it because it’s so obvious. This actually helps make people feel safer. Why? It tells them someone in authority is watching over them, and can help them if they need it. Even if it’s for something simple like lost people asking the security guard for directions, the patrol car helps provide peace-of-mind to people in a certain area. It’s better to have a person or two patrolling a place by foot and by car than to have no one around.

Furthermore, a branded vehicle patrol tells potential thieves and criminals that this particular place is well-guarded. Hence, they’re likely to go elsewhere for their shenanigans, where they won’t be noticed or bothered by security guards. If you want to keep people out of a certain area, especially at night, the headlights of a security patrol car certainly helps do that!

C.O.P. vehicle patrols can be done at any hour of the day or night. They’re a proactive way to give security guards an impactful, visible presence in a large area. Please call 585-750-5608 to ask about branded vehicle patrols for your property or properties.


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