How to Prevent Shoplifters From Damaging Your Bottom Line

ShopliftersIf you own or manage a store, you know that one successful shoplifter can ruin your day, if not your business depending on how much he or she steals. That said, there are some things you can do to deter and/or stop shoplifting.

Regarding store design, don’t give people a chance to easily walk out of the store with stuff unseen by the cashier(s). A checkout should be located near the exit of a store so cashiers and other workers can keep a watchful eye on people leaving the store. Also, avoid putting expensive merchandise near the exits.

If you have security cameras in place, use them to watch over the store at all times. Also utilize mirrors, to help workers see into otherwise blind spots to keep an eye on shoppers. And the more tidy and well-lit a store is, without being too cluttered, the harder it is for someone to steal from it.

Keep overtly expensive items under lock and key; use security tags on expensive merchandise.

Hiring uniformed security guards can also help deter shoplifters, since they know someone’s keeping an eye on them. What’s more, if shoplifters are still audacious enough to attempt to steal items, a trained security guard can catch them in the act and he or she will know how to properly respond to the situation.

As for store workers, awareness is key. Employees should always be aware of who is in the store– that means making sure customers are greeted. Enough workers should be on hand so that the store’s never left unattended or unwatched.

When bagging items, workers should staple or tape the bag shut so people can’t easily shoplift items on their way out.

Smart store design, coupled with the alert eyes and ears of people on duty at a store–ever vigilant–goes a long way in reducing the amount of shoplifting situations.

In Western New York (Buffalo, Rochester and surrounding communities), C.O.P. Security can be hired to help guard a store from shoplifters. Call 585-750-5608 or email today if your establishment needs proper security guards.


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