Should a Business Park Have a Security Presence?

Business Park Security Guard Monitoring Video Surveillance

No matter where they’re located, business parks should have a security presence, especially in today’s world. Ideally, businesses in business parks want to keep their employees and visitors safe from harm. They also want to make sure their money, equipment and valuable assets are protected from thieves. Business parks can benefit from having security cameras as well as armed or unarmed guards roaming the premises.

Security Risks

What are some of the security risks for business parks? Vandalism is a big one. It’s not unusual for graffiti artists to “use” walls to “create their art.” Vandals can also break into businesses or parked vehicles and steal things. Guards can be on the lookout for unwanted visitors who loiter on the premises, and/or bother people such as asking for donations. It’s a good idea to have security guards on the premises, especially at night, to help prevent muggings and physical assaults.

Business parks have a lot of people (and vehicles) coming and going at different hours. Guards can help enforce parking and visitor rules. They can also monitor suspicious behavior and report incidents to local authorities.

If you want to help provide peace-of-mind to your business park tenants, hire security guards to patrol the premises both day and night. Their presence lets tenants know you care about their safety. They help “keep the peace.”

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