Should You Have a Security Guard At a Construction Site?

Security for a Construction Site If you think about it, construction sites actually have a lot of things worth protecting, including people, machines, equipment, tools, and building materials. In a world where people will try and steal stuff to resell it and make money, do you really want to leave your construction site unprotected from thieves and vandals? C.O.P. Security recommends hiring a security guard to watch your construction site, especially at night when it’s dark outside and workers have gone home. Thieves and vandals especially like to come out at night, with things like crowbars and spray paint.

Think of all the money that’s invested into a construction site. Whether it’s an office building or a residential home, either way there’s a lot of money, time and effort at stake. You’ve got an accumulation of building materials on site– things like pieces of wood, steel beams, brand new windows, etc. Then there are expensive tools and machinery on site as well. These things could easily be damaged, “lost,” or stolen if no one is watching over them. A security guard’s job is to have a watchful eye over everything on site.

What about emergencies? Say, for instance, a fire started in the middle of the night. Or someone was walking at the site and hit their head on a beam, fell down, and started bleeding? Wouldn’t it make sense that a security guard calls the appropriate authorities to come help with whatever emergency occurs?

How about trespassers? Some people have no business being on a construction site, and security guards patrol the area on foot making sure only people who should be there are there.

Security guards can notice safety hazards and issues and bring them to the attention to the powers-that-be. If bad weather is expected, guards can help take precautions to protect materials and equipment.

Construction sites are unique– no two are the same. It helps to have security guards who take the time to know the site they’re guarding, and then watch over it like a hawk.

In Western New York, specifically the Rochester area, if you need construction site security services, please call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608.


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