Should Your Business Beef Up Security?

Young businessman checking in at a security gate

C.O.P. Security serves several Western and Central New York counties, including ones around the cities of Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse.

What are some reasons your Western or Central New York business needs to beef up their security presence?

Employee Safety

First, do you have employees who have to walk to their vehicles in the parking lot late at night? If so, wouldn’t it be good to have a security guard escorting them to their cars? No one likes to be alone at night in a dark parking garage or parking lot where anyone could be up to no good.


Next, is your business located in an area where crime is on the increase? Have you noticed more car break-ins lately? Are there shifty characters walking the streets, harassing people for money? Are the streets littered with trash and seemingly abandoned by people who care? If your business is located in a “bad area,” then it makes sense to have a security presence. This is especially true if the police have decided to delay their response and/or kind of given up responding to calls in the area. 

Issues From Within

Finally, what about your employees? Can you trust them? Maybe you have a whole bunch of new hires and they aren’t the exact employees you wanted to hire, but they were who were available… And some of them might want to stir trouble… Having a security presence at your business can help keep an eye on employees who may be stealing from you; They can also protect law-abiding employees and visitors from any potential criminal on your premises. You might want to consider hiring armed security guards– those with weapons help deter most criminals.

If you want to hire security guards for your Western or Central New York business, call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608 or email for more information.

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