Signs of a Bad Security Guard

Security guards have a big responsibility. You don’t want to hire bad guards. What are some signs you might have hired bad guards?

Security GuardsFirst, do your guards seem distracted? Are they more interested in trolling Facebook on their smartphone than paying attention to what’s going on right in front of them? Do they seem like they’re always on their phone? Who are they talking to? Are they using the Internet and not doing their job? If so, they’re too distracted and shouldn’t be a guard. Furthermore, if they seem “spaced out” or “not all there,” they’re a bad guard. Basically, good guards are ever-present and focused on their job.

Next, sometimes guards seem like they’re great, but you put them on a certain shift and it just doesn’t work out. For instance, maybe they’re a night person and you’ve got them working afternoons when they’d rather be napping. Or they’re a morning person and you’ve scheduled them late at night… Bad guards sleep on the job and that’s not good. Ideally, a guard’s inner clock has to adapt well to their shift work or else they need to look elsewhere for employment.

Also, you might have a bad security guard on your hands if you find out they’re very biased toward certain people. You need a security guard that is objective and focuses on what they see.

Brand new security guards don’t have the experience old timers do, so they can turn out to be bad guards simply for not having enough time on the job to know the ins-and-outs of it. It’s not a good idea to leave a brand new security guard on their own when they’re first starting out– it’s best to pair them with a mentor who can help guide them along so they grow into their position.

In a related thought, if a security guard is unfamiliar with a place, he or she may end up being bad at their job because they don’t know enough about the area. They might also not have the right temperament for the location where they’re assigned. For example, if a guard is going to be around kids but they come off as angry and mean, they’re probably not stationed in the right place at the right time. It’s better to get someone who likes working with kids to man that spot. Meanwhile, there are certain areas where toughness and “the intimidation factor” makes sense. Guards should work where their personality fits.

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