What can You Do to Make Employees Feel Safe in the Workplace?

Workplace Security These days it’s kind of hard not to be paranoid about possible terrorist attacks which could conceivably happen anywhere. It seems like we’re always reading or hearing about crazed gunmen shooting up places we wouldn’t normally associate with violence. What are some things companies and organizations can do to help employees feel safe in the workplace?

First, acknowledge that violence occurs and rather than live in denial, take a proactive approach toward keeping your employees informed of any possible threats or problems that may impact them. An informed group of people can be empowered, whereas ignorance is NOT bliss– at least not these days.

Awareness is key. Employees should be aware of who they’re around and what others are up to on the premises. If someone notices unusual or suspicious behavior, they should have a set protocol on what to do, such as report it to a supervisor or guard on duty.

Hiring private security guards to patrol the workplace and be a visible presence on-site helps employees feel safe in the workplace. Getting advice from law enforcement officials and security experts can help train employees what to do when certain situations arise. Consider scheduling preparedness drills, self-defense classes, and/or security workshops to get everyone on the same page should violence or other problems occur in the workplace. It’s better to be aware and prepared than not.

If possible, conceive a written plan or plans that set the standard for what to do when there’s a crisis in the workplace. Have legal counsel take a look at your plans in order to vet them.

Assign leaders who can and will “take charge” should there be an emergency in the workplace. These leaders should confer with security guards so everyone’s working as a team to ensure workplace safety.

Finally, consider hiring C.O.P. Security to help maintain the security and safety of your workplace by calling 585-750-5608. Having security personnel “on watch” at all times can help employees feel safer.

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