What Does a School Security Guard Do?

School Security GuardsThere are more and more schools across the country hiring security guards these days. School security guards are put into place to protect students and teachers and provide communities with peace of mind. School security guards often have a variety of responsibilities throughout the course of a normal day. Here are several things school security guards are in charge of doing.

Monitoring who comes in and out of a school

Most schools are very vigilant about who can come in and out of their building during the school day. School security guards can help with this by setting up shop near the entrance to the building and keeping an eye on those who come into the school and walk out of it. They can also engage with visitors to see what they need and point them in the right direction if they’re not sure where to go after entering a school.

Patrolling the inside and outside of a school

It’s important for school security guards to establish a strong presence in a school building. They can do it by walking around the inside and outside of a school periodically to patrol the grounds. As they patrol, they can keep their eyes peeled for any potential problems. They can also work to develop friendly relationships with students and teachers so that people feel comfortable coming to them when they encounter security issues.

Responding to fights between students and emergency situations

There are all kinds of dangerous situations that can pop up out of nowhere during an average school day. In some cases, these situations will involve students fighting with one another in between classes. In others, they’ll involve parents getting into verbal or even physical altercations with teachers. School security guards need to be ready to spring into action whenever these types of situations take place. They also need to be prepared to respond to emergency situations.

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