What is a Commercial Security Audit?

Male security guard using portable radio on a commercial setting Do you work in a commercial setting where business is conducted? Commercial properties are prone to things like thefts, vandalism and crime. When’s the last time you did a security audit? A professional (or team of professionals) can assess how your current security measures are doing, and whether any changes need to be made in order to improve how safe you and your property are in case of an emergency or criminal problem.

Commercial Properties May Have Vulnerabilities

Your commercial property might currently have vulnerabilities that make it prone to criminals stealing from you! For instance, you might have a broken fence in the back parking lot that lets people in after hours even though you don’t want anyone getting in “overnight.” Or maybe you don’t have any lights outside and there are giant bushes or trees next to your building where thieves could easily hide and, worse, break-in through a door or window with no one seeing them.

While it’s great to have actual human guards patrol your property and look for potential threats, don’t forget there are “little” things that can be addressed in order to make your workplace safer. That’s what a security audit helps figure out– things like how money is handled in the building, how hallways are lit or not lit, do all the door locks work or not, is technology out-of-date or not even functioning…

Ideally you want to protect things (like computer data, equipment) as well as people (like workers and visitors) at your commercial property. A professional security audit involves experts identifying risks, assessing them and then coming up with solutions. Maybe current practices and policies could use some changes or updates, right? An audit can help give your business a third-party objective “eye” to see what’s going on.

Don’t be caught off guard only to find out you had gaps in protection. A security audit can give you peace of mind and help prevent future crime. Get rid of weaknesses in the system before damages are done.

If you’re concerned you don’t have enough of a security presence on your commercial property in the Rochester area, learn how COP Security can help.

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