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Here’s Why You Should Consider Hiring Security Guards for a New Year’s Eve Party

There are generally two types of drunks: happy ones and angry ones. The happy ones will sing off-key, loudly, while putting their arm around you as they stumble over to the punch bowl for more spiked punch. The angry ones will shout, “What are you looking at?” Even if you’re not looking at them, or… Read more »

Common Duties of Security Guards

Security guards often deal with uncertainty. They have to rely on their judgment to make good decisions. Safety is of utmost importance. Ideally, guards need to be decent communicators as they’ll be talking with people, listening to people, observing people and places, and writing reports about what they saw. Security Guard Duties What are some… Read more »

Why Security Guard Uniforms Are Important

The other day there was a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Buffalo, New York. Marching in the parade were several men and women in uniform. They looked so smart, clean, crisp and, above all, professional. There’s something about uniforms that make people look important. It shows they’re in control more than the rest of us…. Read more »

Signs of a Bad Security Guard

Security guards have a big responsibility. You don’t want to hire bad guards. What are some signs you might have hired bad guards? First, do your guards seem distracted? Are they more interested in trolling Facebook on their smartphone than paying attention to what’s going on right in front of them? Do they seem like… Read more »

Do You Need Armed or Unarmed Security Guards?

If and when you want to protect a place and/or the people at that place, do you need armed or unarmed security guards? It depends on the specific situation. Unarmed guards work well for large events, apartment/office complexes, and plants/facilities where they’ll make workers, customers and visitors feel secure just by their presence. Unarmed guards… Read more »

Why Shopping Centers Should Beef Up Their Security During the Holiday Season

Shopping centers should  beef up their security during the holiday season because it’s prime time for lots of shoppers with money in their pockets to make their way there. Consequently, with increased foot traffic comes increased opportunity for something to go awry. Plus, opportunistic shoplifters love the extra traffic because it takes attention off them…. Read more »