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As Outdoor Events Make Their Comeback, Remember to Hire Security Guards

The coronavirus pandemic meant the cancellation of many events, including outdoor ones. That said, it looks like things are getting a bit back to normal such that more outdoor events will be scheduled and actually take place this year. What types of guards should you consider hiring for them? Bodyguards If you’ve got someone famous… Read more »

How to Hire the Right Private Security Company in Western New York

Are you thinking of hiring a private security company? If so, what are some things you should keep in mind? For starters, legitimate security companies are licensed. In New York State, for instance, requirements to be a licensed “Watch, Guard or Patrol Agency” include:  • You must be 25 years of age, a principal in the… Read more »

What Does an Access Control Security Guard Do?

What does an access control security guard do? He or she essentially controls access and egress to a facility or area. That way, only authorized personnel, vehicles and materials are allowed to enter, move within, and/or leave the facility/area.  Specifically, access control guards utilize a four-step process: detect, deter, observe and report. It’s a tried-and-true… Read more »

Should You Have a Security Guard At a Construction Site?

Security for a Construction Site

If you think about it, construction sites actually have a lot of things worth protecting, including people, machines, equipment, tools, and building materials. In a world where people will try and steal stuff to resell it and make money, do you really want to leave your construction site unprotected from thieves and vandals? C.O.P. Security… Read more »