Why Students Appreciate Having Security Guards at School

Security guards at schoolsThink back to your days at school… do you remember the kid who was picked on by others? Most schools had–and have–bullies in them whether we like it or not. It’s just the way of the world and the state of society. Yet a lot of people are more aware of bullying as an issue these days, so there’s hope that not as many kids will have to experience taunts, slurs, hazing and other associated words and deeds that make their life a living hell.

A Trusted Protector

Why do students appreciate having security guards around? Because guards are a trusted set of adult eyes, ears and hands who can watch out for them and protect them if/when needed.

Bullies like to take advantage of others when no adults are around– but if a school hires multiple security guards, it makes it that much harder for a bully to find a place to harass a kid. Teachers cannot be everywhere they’d like to be at all times during the school day– and they’re there to teach rather than police children’s abhorrent behavior. Therefore, a security guard makes sense in a school when kids act up, act out, bully or otherwise intend to do harm to themselves, each other, teachers and/or visitors. Our world has become dangerously violent, and perhaps nowhere is that more evident than in today’s schools.

When you think of schools these days what first comes to mind? If you said “school shootings,” you got it! Sad, isn’t it? But we can’t just let the shooters and bullies and bad guys win. Schools need to increase their security presence in order to better protect the people there. Furthermore, guards can check for weapons, subdue fights, help angry people calm down, and, ultimately, stand in for moms and dads who can’t be there but wish they were, watching over their beloved kid(s) all day, everyday.

A More Desirable Place to Learn

Schools need to be the kind of place students feel safe attending… and when kids don’t feel safe there, they get bad grades, they make themselves sick to avoid going to school, and/or they get into drugs and other bad stuff to quell the pain.

In the Monroe County and Genesee County regions you can count on COP Security Inc to supply your school with security guards. Please call 585-750-5608 to discuss your needs.

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