Tips for Staying Alert While on a Security Job

Security GuardsAs humans, sometimes we get bored or tired and need to sleep. However, many of us have jobs where we shouldn’t doze off– ever–because it could put someone else in danger. Take, for instance, the job of security guard. They need to be wide awake and always alert on the job. So what are some of their secrets that you can use to stay alert at your job?

First off, getting out of a stationary area and going for a brisk walk can do wonders for getting the body energy level a quick and much-needed boost. When you’re feeling fatigued, you don’t have to train hard at the gym. Rather, low-impact exercise like walking helps perk your body up. Even something as simple as getting out of a chair and doing some leg lifts, jumping jacks and stretches can help make your body feel better.

Next, listening to music while you work can oftentimes keep you alert. Perhaps you’d think it’s a distraction, but music playing in the background is something that actually helps increase your concentration levels according to experts. Maybe it’s because your brain has to be active to hear and interpret the lyrics or rhythms? Adding music to a room does help perk up the people in it. No wonder parties have music!

Do you get tired eyes at work? Most people do. Here’s a trick to relax your eye muscles– focus on a spot far off in the distance for 30 seconds. Ideally, look out of a window into the distance. Distance vision can help relax eye muscles that are strained.

While some workers rely on energy drinks or coffee to stay alert, which can help in some cases, remember that the highs are often followed with the lows– you crash! Why not utilize certain foods to sustain your energy during the workday, like certain granola bars? Nuts, fruits and veggies are good snack foods to help you stay alert and healthy.

Finally, a simple way to revive yourself at work is to splash cold water on your face and forehead. It’s an instant pick-me-up!


Examining the Important Role of Professional Security Guards

Security Guard A professional security guard is not a police officer, but their role does involve keeping people and property safe from harm.

Generally, the role of a professional security guard is to protect a property, such as a public building, bank, store, or museum. They’re the eyes and ears of a place, helping to enforce rules as needed and responding to security issues that occur. Security guards work to prevent problems. When problems do occur, they respond in some way to help diffuse the situation. Furthermore, they communicate with the public.

A security guard’s key skills include observation, decision making and physical strength. Their physical presence may be used to deter bad behaviors such as theft or vandalism. In some cases, a security guard may need to physically remove disruptive people from the premises they’re watching over. Crowd control can also be a role a security guard assumes, making sure people are safe from harm when too many people are crowding into a confined space.

Should a major incident occur, such as a fire or a medical emergency, the security guard on duty needs to call for appropriate help and standby the situation, calming people and, if needed, giving them clear orders on what to do and what not to do in order to stay safe.

Indeed, security guards are often put in the position of offering people assurance in times of distress. As an enforcer of rules, they’re the “go-to” person for a building or property. It’s not unusual for people to ask security guards for directions on how to get somewhere and/or to have the guard authorize people to enter a building or certain area.

COP Security has a team of security guards who maintain the security and safety of workplaces, businesses and events. Please call 585-750-5608 to ask about hiring private security guards from COP Security.

Why Politicians Need Reliable Security Guards for Speaking Engagements

Political FiguresAll it takes is one crazy person to ruin a political event. Therefore, political figures need to have reliable security escorts when doing public engagements. Society has become increasingly violent, so security guards are needed now more than ever before.

There are plenty of elected officials, like senators and mayors, as well as opinionated broadcasters  who deal with politics every day, and politics has become a controversial business.

Anytime politics are involved, there’s a chance that someone, somewhere will not like or agree with a politician’s or pundit’s views. Now normally they’d keep their feelings to themselves and never do anything violent. But what about the one person with a crazed mind who is ready to take things too far? They’re the type of person a security escort scans the crowd for and notices before there’s any chance something could go deathly wrong.

Many times politicians shake hands with all sorts of people in public. They meet any and all kinds of people in their line of work, and because politics affects everyone in some way, there’s bound to be people who want to harm certain politicians for whatever reason, like “You took away my health care benefit” or “I had to pay more than half my last paycheck for taxes because of you!”

Now, more than ever, we live in a violent world where public violence makes headlines daily. While average people have to be on guard wherever they go, politicians and those who talk politics to crowds need to consider hiring well-trained, efficient security guards to help protect them from physical harm at public events.

If you’re involved in politics and feel the need to be surrounded by security guards in public, don’t hesitate to call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608 or email It’s better to be surrounded by people who’ve got your back than to go out there all alone.

Consider Hiring a Security Guard for Your Next Open House

Open Houses If you visit a nursing home and chat with the residents about “the good old days,” chances are one of them will tell you, “We never locked our doors, ever.” Today, it’s a different story. We live in a world where it seems it’s getting harder and harder to trust anyone about anything. Fear and paranoia are rampant. One look at the daily news with all the crazy shootings going on and you’re likely to think society is more violent (and weirder) than ever.

For those of you who are selling your home and planning to have an “open house,” you might just want to hire a security guard from C.O.P. Security for peace-of-mind.

After all, you never know who is going to come through your doors, and it’s reassuring to know you’ve got someone standing guard should any “issues” arise.

Think about it this way: an open house is an invitation for complete strangers to walk around your house, looking it over. They’ll want to go from room to room, and wouldn’t it be nice to know you’ve got an extra set of eyes keeping an eye on them?

You don’t want people stealing stuff from your home during an open house. Just like stores put a security guard at the entrance/exit to check that people aren’t walking out with stolen stuff, you can utilize a C.O.P. security guard in this way for your open house.

Meanwhile, a security guard can help prevent accidents since he or she is able to direct visitors through your home, giving directions and instructions on your behalf– where to go/where not to go, what to be careful around, etc.

Finally, if you’re busy in one room talking up your house to a potential buyer, it’s such a smart idea to have the security guard at the main door, dealing with other guests since you can’t be everywhere at all times.

For dependable, professional security for your open house, contact C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608.

Is This the Future of Security Guards?

Security GuardsSilicon Valley is known for technological innovation. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being used to develop things that will seemingly help society be better off than it is now. For instance, did you know there are robotics companies working on robotic security guards?

One company, Knightscope, makes two robots which they rent out to do several tasks for companies. These robots can record, stream, send and store video. They can read license plates. And they can detect humans in places they’re “not supposed to be.” In essence, these robots are like quasi-security guards.

Using both sensors and lasers, today’s robots build their own 3D maps of their environment so they don’t bump into anything. When they’re low on energy, they go to their charging pad.

While these robots can do some things well, they still have their flaws. For example, one of them knocked down a toddler and ran over his foot at the Stanford Shopping Center.

Do we really want to live in a world where every parking lot is being constantly patrolled by a robot? Is this a good thing?

Robots have their places in life, but as long as people are people, it’s better to have living, breathing, thinking humans in the role of security guards. Humans can run and jump and grab and do all sorts of things robots can’t do. They can also have empathy, which is a key ingredient when, for example, a little girl is lost and in tears looking for her mommy in a crowded shopping center.

In addition, veteran security guards have years of experience they can draw on to handle and diffuse different situations. There is no substitute for experience, regardless of how strong an algorithm looks inside a computer program .

We shouldn’t live in a world where technology takes over our entire lives– it’s not a good thing and it’s not healthy. Human beings have purpose in their lives. When they do their jobs, they derive satisfaction from having contributed to the greater good of society. People like helping people. People have an innate sense to protect others, especially children. It would be a mistake to leave all the security jobs to robots.

How Has Being a Security Guard Changed Over the Years?

Security GuardsHow has being a security guard changed over the years? Well, there are more security threats than ever, and some of them require a whole new mindset, for sure.

As times have changed, the security guard’s role has adjusted to be much more than just standing in a lobby saying hello to people. Have you noticed how more and more places are concerned about who is entering their business, office, or store? In the old days, it seemed like people had more freedom to access places, such that you could just walk into City Hall, take an elevator up a few floors, and walk right into the office of your local Mayor. You two could chat and it was no big deal. Today, however, security guards are stationed in multiple places in buildings, checking people’s identification cards, making calls to see if they have a proper appointment, etc. Access control is a major role of security guards combining both customer service and visitor management.

If and when there’s an emergency of any sort, a security guard is essentially a first responder to the situation. They deal with people getting injured. They also have to pay attention to things such as fire alarms going off and anything else that disrupts the normal flow of a workday. Ever since September 11th, 2001, when the World Trade Center was attacked, American society has changed. Security guards not only have to watch over a place to protect it from petty criminals– now they even have to be watching for terrorists.

Most security firms hire people with at least a high school diploma, though college/military experience is preferred. Guards need proper training–of course–and have to pass both a background check and a drug test. When on duty, today’s guards need to be hyper-vigilant and ready to deal with all sorts of problems that could occur.

Finally, the one thing that security guards have to deal with, now more than ever, is workplace violence with active shooters on the premises. Hardly a day goes by when you don’t hear about some deranged person shooting up a school, mall or other public place.

Common Techniques Used By Shoplifters

ShopliftersShoplifting happens more than you think. That’s why so many stores today hire security guards to stand at the door, check receipts, and deter crime with their very presence.

So what are some common shoplifting techniques? If a person has a large bag– it could be a purse or a diaper bag or whatever– they can place that near their feet and casually drop merchandise in it as they stop and “shop.” If you’ve ever noticed certain stores stapling their bags shut, they do that to prevent shoplifting using their bags.

Women have a shoplifting advantage over men because they typically carry purses. These bags are perfect for shoplifting items. Women also tend to utilize baby strollers to hide stolen merchandise– with blankets, toys and babies taking up a lot of space in a stroller, it’s easy to conceal stolen items there.

Clothing can be used to shoplift stuff. Baggy clothes work best, but some people don’t even worry about that– they’ll just stuff items between their legs/into their undies and “walk out with it” seemingly undetected.

Coats and umbrellas are also used to shoplift store items. One technique is to cut slits in a coat pocket lining and then reach for items with the one hand, unseen, while the other hand is in plain view, looking “normal.”

There’s also the brazen shoplifters who’ll use distraction to get what they want. For instance, if a group of youths walk into a store, there’s one who’ll engage the clerk at the counter in a conversation. Meanwhile, the other two are sneaking stuff into their coats, clothes or bags, robbing the store blind. Shoplifters can also ask the clerk to “go in the back” to look for something, and if there’s no one else in the store, that’s prime time for them to steal stuff and run out before the clerk is back in the main room.

If you own a business and want to deter shoplifters, hire COP Security. Call 585-750-5608 or email

Crowd Control Techniques

Crowd ControlTake one look at a newspaper and you’ll notice there seems to be almost non-stop shootings in public, from nightclubs to schools and then some. We live in a time where we all must be hyper-vigilant when we’re in public, always taking notice of our surroundings. All it takes is one crazy person with a gun to cause an entire crowd to erupt into dangerous chaos.

Security personnel have become more and more important as time goes on, since there are plenty of places where crowds gather that need protection. What are some crowd control techniques security people can utilize to best protect people?

For starters, wayfinding signage is key. People need to know where they are and where they can go. The more signs pointing to things such as the exits, the better.

Next, security can focus on managing lines whether those lines are in/out of parking lots, to get tickets, to purchase items, to enter a building/venue, or for whatever reason people line up. If there’s a way to keep a crowd in line entertained, that can go a long way in placating them. After all, if they can focus on something that makes them smile, such as a strolling singer or juggler, they’re less likely to complain about a long line and want to get into fights over the wait. Simple things like awnings to shield guests from extreme weather and cooling fans for when it’s extremely hot outside can go a long way in calming people down.

Security should do their best to arrange barriers so they’re effective at keeping people where they should be, and keeping them out of areas where they should not be. Crowd control can also involve mainstays like velvet ropes, retractable belts, and stanchions to keep people in order and moving in an intended direction.

In order to prevent crowd crushes, drunken fights, and riots, crowd control is vital. Things like mounted patrols (on horses), as well as metal detectors and sniffer dogs are some other ways to further ensure the safety of patrons at public events where crowd control is necessary.

If you need a professional security service in Rochester, NY, contact COP Security today.

What can You Do to Make Employees Feel Safe in the Workplace?

Workplace Security These days it’s kind of hard not to be paranoid about possible terrorist attacks which could conceivably happen anywhere. It seems like we’re always reading or hearing about crazed gunmen shooting up places we wouldn’t normally associate with violence. What are some things companies and organizations can do to help employees feel safe in the workplace?

First, acknowledge that violence occurs and rather than live in denial, take a proactive approach toward keeping your employees informed of any possible threats or problems that may impact them. An informed group of people can be empowered, whereas ignorance is NOT bliss– at least not these days.

Awareness is key. Employees should be aware of who they’re around and what others are up to on the premises. If someone notices unusual or suspicious behavior, they should have a set protocol on what to do, such as report it to a supervisor or guard on duty.

Hiring private security guards to patrol the workplace and be a visible presence on-site helps employees feel safe in the workplace. Getting advice from law enforcement officials and security experts can help train employees what to do when certain situations arise. Consider scheduling preparedness drills, self-defense classes, and/or security workshops to get everyone on the same page should violence or other problems occur in the workplace. It’s better to be aware and prepared than not.

If possible, conceive a written plan or plans that set the standard for what to do when there’s a crisis in the workplace. Have legal counsel take a look at your plans in order to vet them.

Assign leaders who can and will “take charge” should there be an emergency in the workplace. These leaders should confer with security guards so everyone’s working as a team to ensure workplace safety.

Finally, consider hiring C.O.P. Security to help maintain the security and safety of your workplace by calling 585-750-5608. Having security personnel “on watch” at all times can help employees feel safer.

What can Security Guards Do to Help Police Officers?

Security GuardsPaul Blart: Mall Cop was a funny movie about a mall security guard. In the movie, actor Kevin James played Paul Blart as a chubby, bumbling wannabe cop. Indeed, movies and TV shows for years have shown security guards as the butt of jokes– too busy sleeping, watching TV or eating fast food to actually be doing their job well… and/or acting as if they’re true police officers when they’re not. In real life, the majority of security guards are not like Paul Blart and other fictional characters. If you were to become a security guard having never done so before, you’d find it to be the kind of job that is hard work, requiring both mental and physical stamina.

Security guards do a dangerous job. There’s always the chance of being assaulted, injured, or shot. Like police officers, they have to deal with all sorts of people, including troublemakers who are up to no good.

What can security guards do to help police officers? For starters, there should be mutual respect between them since they’re both trying to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. A “we’re all in this together” attitude is much better than an “us-versus-them” approach.

Next, security guards are smart to emulate police officers in the way they dress. Nothing commands attention like a well-dressed, neat professional. Little things like tucking in shirts, wearing belts, and not having stains on one’s shirts goes a long way in showing that you take your job seriously and that you should be taken seriously.

Again, little things matter a lot. Security guards who are able to clearly and concisely explain things to police officers who are looking for facts will do well. Police officers have a limited amount of time for each case, and they don’t need opinions or tangents. Clear communication between security guards and police officers is essential.

Finally, a security guard’s job comes down to two things: observing and reporting. By keeping an eye on what’s happening and then accurately reporting events and situations to police officers, a security guard is fulfilling his or her role the right way.