Does Your Event or Organization Need an Unarmed Security Guard?

Unarmed Security GuardYou don’t always need an armed security guard. If you’re dealing with large amounts of cash out in the open and you’re located in a high crime area, then an armed security guard makes sense. However, a lot of business owners, event organizers, apartment complexes and others who want security around are perfectly happy with unarmed guards.

Guards play a number of roles, from giving directions to watching for theft. They’re more alert than average employees, and they notice things others don’t. Unarmed guards can be great for literally walking around the office, store, or building to show people that you have a security presence there. They can watch out for (and prevent) theft or vandalism. If a kid is getting ready to spray paint a wall with graffiti an unarmed guard can tell him or her to go away and they will. People don’t have to know whether or not the guard is armed– just the fact that a uniformed security guard is in their presence communicates to them that they’re being watched.

People want to feel safe. Even though some people don’t like being watched, society today has pretty much accepted the fact that we live in a time when cameras are everywhere and so we’re all being watched in public places. Having a human, on-the-ground unarmed guard is another way to watch people in order to keep the peace. A camera can’t talk to an unstable person and try to calm them down, whereas a guard can. Furthermore, an unarmed guard can always call the police if the need arises.

C.O.P. Security’s unarmed guards help maintain order wherever they are, and they’re good at conflict resolution, too. They can conduct security searches if needed and monitor building or event access points, assisting customers or employees where needed.

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How to Maximize the Value of Your Surveillance System

Surveillance Cameras A camera surveillance system is only as good as the person watching it. Cameras can record activities going on in places like offices, warehouses, and stores, but what really helps is having a trained expert keeping their eyes glued to what the camera sees at all times.

Have you ever met a person who hardly notices anything around them? It seems like there are two types of people: those who are happily oblivious to all that is happening around them and those who notice every little detail. With a camera surveillance system, the best way to get the most out of it is to have a trained expert who loves noticing little details. You don’t want someone who is disinterested and/or oblivious.

C.O.P. Security believes the key to customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention is to consistently deliver a level of customer service that exceeds and even anticipates the customer’s expectations for value. In other words, C.O.P. hires the kind of people who notice every little detail and think proactively. This way, a camera surveillance system is not just passively monitoring a situation. It is being used by a trained expert to notice things that are “off” from the norm.

Imagine you had a “hawkeye” keeping tabs on your business via a proper and professional camera surveillance system. He or she could alert you to anything out of the ordinary immediately. Since you can’t always notice everything and everyone around you, isn’t it nice to know someone else is physically watching what’s happening and able to alert you or the authorities if the need arises?

Making customers, clients and workers aware of camera surveillance reduces loss, disagreements between employees, disruptive behaviors and other problems right away. C.O.P. Security can supply you with trained personnel to properly monitor and utilize your surveillance system. Call 585-750-5608 for more information.

The Benefits of Having a Security Presence at School Events

Security at School EventsIt’s a sad reality that times have changed. In the old days, it was almost unthinkable that students would have to worry about safety at school or school-related events. These days, school violence almost seems to have become the norm. Turn on the news any day and you’re likely to hear about some crazed person bringing a weapon on school grounds and causing mayhem.

Now, more than ever, is the time to have a security presence at school events. Why? Well, for starters, security guards have a physical presence that people notice. They’re on the lookout for trouble, and when people know they’re being watched for that sort of thing, they tend to avoid carrying out their heinous plans. If there’s no authority figure around, anything can happen and who is going to care? But if a security guard is on duty, it sends a signal to all those in attendance at a school event that their behavior is being monitored by someone “in charge.”

Security guards often diffuse situations before they turn violent. For instance, a security guard can notice and break up a squabble between kids before they begin to throw punches and fight. If a child is being bullied, the guard can step into the situation and ask the bully to stop.

Parents will feel more comfortable knowing their children’s activities are being observed by a responsible adult. Indeed, a security guard can relay information to parents about what they’ve observed, reporting any aggressive or depressed children to their parents. It never hurts to have additional adult eyes keeping tabs on what children are up to at school events.

Besides giving a security boost to school events, guards can be in key places at key times to offer assistance as needed. Say, for instance, a child falls down and injures themselves. A guard might be the first person to notice and help that child. Guards can also direct people to where they need to go, while noticing any suspicious people who don’t seem like they should be on the premises for particular events.

To hire dependable, professional security guards for your school events, email at C.O.P. Security today.

What’s Life Like as a Security Guard?

Security GuardThere are over a million security guards in the United States, and it’s a growing field of work as more and more people and places seek protection from various problems.

In general, the life of a security guard is especially concerned with being the eyes and ears of an organization, such that it’s protected from theft, vandalism, shady behavior or illegal activities. If you’re the kind of person who likes to “watch the scene” for long periods of time, paying attention to little details as well as the bigger picture, security guard work might be for you.

Security guards can be found in a wide variety of places, including public buildings, retail stores and office complexes. Some guards will use surveillance cameras to keep watch over certain areas, while others will “walk the beat” in person, serving as a very public deterrent to crime.

Hours can vary for security guards, since their job often goes beyond the normal 9-to-5 working hours of most people. For instance, a guard might have to cover an overnight shift when few others, if any, are on premises. The idea is that a night guard patrols an area to make sure nothing unusual is taking place. Other guard shifts can occur during very busy times in places like retail stores where one guard might come into contact with hundreds of people per shift. Being flexible and adaptable to various situations is an important part of the job.

As with life in general, security guard work can involve some very intense times followed by other times when it seems like not much is happening. Therefore, it’s important to stay mentally and physically alert at all times during a shift in order to always be aware of what’s going on with the people and places you’re guarding. Certain jobs will have a team of guards on duty. This is a chance to build some camaraderie, while also switching up positions as needed for variety.

A security guard is not a police officer. If and when the police are needed to arrest a criminal, the security guard needs to call for proper back-up. Otherwise, a security guard’s main focus is to diffuse potentially violent situations wherever they may be, as well as notice anything suspicious that could cause others–or the company–some sort of harm.

Much like big brothers often watch out for their little brothers on the school playground, a security guard plays a very important role in today’s society. Just the presence of security gives people a sense of safety and security, putting them more at ease than the times when no security is around, “on-guard.”

The History of Private Security

History of Private Security Private security has been around for centuries. Long ago, in Ancient Egypt, pharaohs hired private security guards for personal protection. Ancient Romans as well as emperors during the time of the Byzantine Empire hired private security guards, too, to protect their families and property. Wealthy warlords in many countries, including China and Italy, were known to hire security personnel to guard their bases. Oftentimes, military soldiers would be employed as personal security guards during times of peace.

During the 1700s, as more and more people moved to cities, the crowded streets and neighborhoods were filled with poverty, crime and violence. Therefore, the need for security increased to the point where tax revenues were used to pay security guards to patrol city streets every night of the year, on the lookout for anything suspicious.

The Industrial Revolution brought with it a huge increase in crime, which lead to the formation of private security guard agencies. These agencies, such as the Pinkerton Agency in the 1850s, helped guard the railroads and banks in prosperous places.

Did you know Henry Ford hired his own security force for his Ford factory in its early days? Indeed, many industries started to hire private security to protect their factories during The Great Depression and World War II. Later on, the need to protect American industries from Cold War espionage continued to fuel the need for private security guards and forces.

When New York City was attacked by terrorists in 2001, many people felt unsafe for months, if not years, afterward. The nation was definitely “on edge” for some time, and more and more security guards appeared in places like hotels, malls, schools and public gathering spots.

Today we live in a world where there seems to be a constant threat to people’s security with ISIS and other nefarious entities plotting to cause innocent people harm. Now– more than ever it seems– personal security guards are needed.

C.O.P. Security Inc. is a private security company supplying businesses and events with monitoring and security services. Call 585-750-5608 or email for details on how C.O.P. can protect your people and property.

A Quality Security Guard Can Make a Major Difference

Security GuardsThe attributes of a good security guard coincide well with what we think of as an upstanding, reliable person in general. These days, those types of people are getting harder and harder to find, but thankfully there are still some folks who care about things like respect, integrity and professionalism.

To be a good security guard involves a number of attributes, including the ability to communicate well with others and persuading people to do something without having to touch (force) them to do so. Also, guards need to be ready to engage in multiple tasks, as the job requires versatility.

Being on time is important. If a guard isn’t on time, all sorts of things could go wrong. A good guard is flexible enough to work in a variety of environments acting as needed. Sometimes the guard stands post, while other times the guard is on patrol, moving about…and the guard can be put in the position of supervisor of an area, dressed in a uniform, looking confident and professional to give people nearby peace-of-mind and a sense of security.

A good security guard needs to be able to notice changes in their environment, keeping an eye on the comings-and-goings of people and items around them. At times, a guard may need to de-escalate a tense situation, give or take orders, and/or act as a visual deterrent to criminals without having to resort to weapons. Writing accurate and professional reports of incidents is an important part of the job.

Security guards are not police. Therefore, there are times when they must call for police to intervene in a situation, and their training should supply them with the knowledge of when that’s appropriate and when it’s not.

Finally, as with all professions, honesty is the best policy. A good security guard is always honest.

C.O.P. Security Inc. believes in hiring, training and promoting the best security guards available. If you’re interested in working for C.O.P. or you’d like to know more about C.O.P.’s services, please call 585-750-5608 today.

How Branded Control Cars Can Deter Incidents From Arising

Security GuardsIf criminals know someone’s watching, they’re apt to go somewhere else, right? Criminals, for the most part, will avoid well-lit, watched and patrolled areas.

C.O.P. Security offers branded vehicle patrol cars which help deter incidents from arising. Wouldn’t your organization, complex, and/or business benefit from having a branded vehicle patrol car or two driving around the parking lot or property, especially at night? Patrol cars not only give customers and employees a sense of safety, but they also show the world your area/facility is guarded. Regular patrols by clearly marked cars with security guards inside help deter crime. Just like kids aren’t apt to do wrong when mom or dad is watching, most people are more likely to behave if they know someone in authority is watching them.

C.O.P. Security vehicles are able to provide fast and effective support in the case of emergency situations. Furthermore, because they’re clearly marked, customers and/or employees know they can approach them for help, if needed. It’s reassuring to know there’s someone trustworthy inside the branded vehicle patrol car willing to listen and respond accordingly should the need arise.

It’s better to be proactive about security than to be reactive. It’s better to have someone watching over a place than not. And in the world of big parking lots and expansive buildings, it’s smart to have up-to-date, branded patrol vehicles and security guards present– especially in the times we live in when so many people are on edge. Safety and security are of utmost importance right now.

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How Security Guards Could Benefit Bar Owners

Bar OwnersBar owners have many responsibilities. Because bars provide alcohol to patrons, who sometimes have “a little too much” and get not only tipsy but also angry, bar owners can benefit greatly from hiring security guards.

Think about it this way: bars are prone to brawling. Men (and sometimes ladies) get into fights at bars. Does the bartender have to break them up? Do the waitresses? Ideally, a security guard or two should be the person to notice those who might fight and diffuse the situation before it escalates into a full-blown fight. Furthermore, security guards can ask angry drunks to leave the premises or “take it outside” so the rest of the bar patrons stay safe from harm. The main function of a security guard at a bar is to be an extra set of eyes and ears for management, taking notice of people who are prone to violence or going to otherwise cause problems for the rest of the people there.

Other practical ways security guards can help bar owners include crowd control and checking IDs to make sure people who aren’t of legal drinking age are not drinking alcohol while on the premises.

Did you know the hospitality industry minimum standard for guards to guests is 1:50 or 1:75? That means bars should ideally have one guard for every 50 to 75 guests.

C.O.P. Security Inc. can supply your bar with security guards in the Rochester, NY area. Adding security helps stop theft, conflicts, and vandalism. The presence of security guards at bars help make guests feel welcome and at ease.

Why Being a Security Guard is a Gratifying Job

Security GuardsHave you ever considered being a security guard? It’s the kind of job where being present gets you paid. You’re not required to be an actual police officer/detective and you don’t make arrests. Instead, your presence matters to a company or organization because it gets them a decrease in their insurance costs and shows others that they care about security.

Being a security guard is almost always an enjoyable job because it involves maintaining the security of people, buildings and their contents. There’s both structure and variety involved, whereas guards might find themselves personally patrolling a given area, managing door control at entertainment venues, or traveling with valuable goods in a vehicle to make sure they arrive at their destination as planned.

If you’re the type of person people consider to be quick-thinking and able to deal with situations as they arise, you should consider a career in security. Guards work in all sorts of environments performing many tasks such as signing people in, checking packages, giving directions, handling guard dogs, and monitoring activities either in-person or via closed circuit television.

In the process of doing their job, security guards might find themselves working on their own for long periods of time and/or working with other fellow guards, depending on what the situation calls for.

Guards generally need to have a reasonable level of physical fitness and strength, the ability and confidence to confront people who are being difficult, and an overall trustworthy character. Security guards work with all sorts of people, so it’s best that they’re non-judgmental and can stay positive even during stressful situations.

Why Security Guards Are a Prudent Investment for Big Businesses

Security GuardsBig businesses should hire C.O.P. Security’s experienced and skilled corporate security forces to maintain orderly operations and convey a distinctive corporate image that communicates, “We take security seriously.”

Corporate security officers fulfill several roles while on-duty, making sure clients, coworkers, employees and customers are able to work in peace while the company’s assets are protected. Security guards act as a great deterrent to crime. They also instill a sense of security when they’re around people, bringing peace of mind that someone’s there to keep the peace should anything out of the ordinary occur.

Security guards are trained to look for suspicious activity and they’re not afraid to approach mischief makers and question their motives. While camera surveillance systems are good, nothing beats a living, breathing human being on the ground, ready to confront a person who is up to no good while on the premises of your business.

Finally, corporate security forces can take care of things such as checking visitors’ credentials, checking them for contraband, and restricting access to certain areas. While on-duty, they also serve as customer service ambassadors, interacting with customers, clients and others, directing them to the place(s) they want to go, and, if needed, escorting them there as well.

C.O.P. Security can provide your big business with guards who are trained to handle disputes, disruptions, crimes and emergency situations, as well as day-to-day activities. Placed at strategic access points, security guards play an important role in day-to-day operations of any business or organization placing a strong emphasis on safety in the workplace and at work-related events.