How Security Guards Can Help Us Return to Normalcy

Security Guard Checking Temperature At Building Entrance

The health experts and government leaders have spoken. You need to “mask up” to use most professional services. It’s for your safety and the safety of others during these pandemic times. No one wants to get the coronavirus. It could cause lingering side effects or even death. With that in mind, security guards have a new duty on the job: enforcing the wearing of masks.

The March Back to Normal

Will we get “back to normal?” Businesses that have been closed are opening again. Events are happening again. It seems like everyday the goal posts change, and we’re never quite sure what’s going on and what’s ahead, but one thing’s for sure: masks are everywhere. You can hardly go anywhere in public without encountering them– even at the beach!

Security guards are tasked with checking to make sure people are wearing their masks. And when they’re not? People can get quite vocal and even violent because they don’t want to be told to put on a mask. Security guards are the men and women who have to deal with people who don’t want to conform to rules. 

Meanwhile, many places have had to change the way they do business. Instead of letting people inside their doors, business is transacted in the parking lot or in some outdoor public place! Thus, security guards who normally patrol indoors are now asked to stand guard outdoors, sometimes in makeshift situations.

Security guards also have to enforce social distancing regulations. They have to watch over safety and sanitation protocols, too. 

It’s a very stressful time to be alive. Security guards are helping businesses of all sizes navigate these difficult, confusing times. 

If and when you don’t have the staff to handle the enforcement of distancing or mask rules, and/or you need a guard to make sure your place doesn’t have too many people inside to warrant a fine or closure by the government, hire security guards to help out— in Western New York, you can call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608 to discuss your unique challenges and needs. 

How the Job Description of a Security Guard Has Evolved Over the Years

Security Guard in Uniform Using a Walk Talkie

We see security guards around town and take them as a “given.” They’re normal and not at all unusual in today’s modern society. But it wasn’t always like it is today. For hundreds of years, there weren’t law enforcement agencies or security guards. There were, however, “watchmen,” who kept watch over people, groups or places. Their job was to literally just observe things.

Well, the job of watchman evolved into the job of security guard. Today’s guards are highly visible– they want everyone to know they’re present and keeping an eye on things. They are authority figures who protect people, groups and places. Security guards want to keep everyone in line as well as prevent crime. 

The presence of guards helps keep people from doing illegal or inappropriate things. A guard is pretty much always on duty, unlike other jobs where workers take smoke breaks or grab a coffee. A guard’s job is to be alert and aware of whatever’s nearby. They need to keep their eyes and ears open… they even have to notice smells! 

Security guards help maintain order. It takes social skills to keep people calm. It also requires quick reaction times. Guards typically have a lot of training on how to deal with all sorts of issues and problems. Their job often involves making sure people follow rules and policies. 

What are some duties modern security guards do? They may search for concealed weapons, inspect bags/equipment, verify appointments/visitors, and/or prevent access to certain areas. If there’s an emergency situation, they can call for help. And, sometimes, they’re around to offer directions to those who ask simple but important questions like “Where’s the bathroom?” or “Where’s the exit?” And in the crazy past year we’ve experienced, they’re used to take temperatures and make sure masks are wearing before employees, patrons or students enter buildings.

Guards observe and report. They help protect people and places and keep them safe. In some cases, they even help save lives!

If you’re looking for a reliable security guard company who can handle jobs of nearly any size in the Rochester, NY and greater WNY area, contact COP Security today.

How Schools Can Improve Their Security Measures

Schools can and should improve security measures. No parent wants to find out their kid suffered from a gunshot wound at school. Sadly, we live in an era where gun violence is all too common in schools. But we also have technology and manpower to ramp up security, so all hope is not lost. 

Security Guards for Hire for Schools

Proactive Data Collection

For instance, technology today can collect data that can then be used by law enforcement to better understand situations and incidents going on in schools. Perhaps a kid posts a bomb threat on Facebook or Twitter… things like that can be traced. Ideally, someone’s watching out for stuff like this and can alert authorities before any bad things happen.

Smart Measures to Take

Meanwhile, schools can enhance security measures in a number of ways. For instance, they can reduce the number of ports of entry for the building. Have only one way in and out open during the school day, rather than multiple doors. Also, train staff to require identification/passes for all school visitors, including parents. Hold training classes for staff, administrators, and teachers on topics like threat assessment, crime prevention and emergency planning best practices. Do more drills to practice for the “what ifs.” 

Trust in Security Professionals

Anything that can be done to improve communication between students, teachers, parents and administrators is a good thing. From social media to websites, phone trees to flyers, there are many ways to share news these days. Dialogue is good. That way a school reduces the amount of “surprises” they have to deal with… Rather than be ignorant of things going on, all people connected with a school should be informed. Finally, schools should consider hiring security guards who can help make people feel safer. C.O.P. Security of Rochester, NY, provides guards for schools in Western and Central New York. Please call 585-750-5608 for more information or use the contact page here.

How to Hire the Right Private Security Company in Western New York

Private Security Guard

Are you thinking of hiring a private security company? If so, what are some things you should keep in mind?

For starters, legitimate security companies are licensed. In New York State, for instance, requirements to be a licensed “Watch, Guard or Patrol Agency” include: 

• You must be 25 years of age, a principal in the business and have passed the examination within the last two years. 

• You must be free of disqualifying criminal convictions.

• You must demonstrate either two years’ experience or two years’ equivalent position and experience. Experience is defined as two years of full-time security experience, such as sheriff, police officer, or security guard in a governmental agency or with a licensed private investigator or WGP agency. “Equivalent experience” is defined as two years in a position where the primary duties were the performance of security guard services or two years’ experience reviewing and supervising the work of at least three persons performing security services.

• All applicants must be fingerprinted. 

When you’re looking to hire a licensed private security company, sometimes working with a smaller company is good because your property is their priority. Don’t be afraid to screen guards before they work on your property to ensure that they’re physically and mentally fit to do the job and meet your specific needs. You can also ask for proof of insurance– it’s best to work with a company that’s properly insured. 

Other considerations include whether or not guards have advanced training, problem solving skills, a range of specialties, poor versus excellent communication, and how professional/friendly their demeanor is. It’s always a good idea to check with different types of businesses who’ve used a company’s services before and get their opinions on whether or not they were satisfied with the company overall. 

In Western and Central New York State, call C.O.P. Security for your private security needs. The number is 585-750-5608

Is It Better To Hire Armed Security Guards Or Unarmed Ones?

Security Guard With Gun

So you’ve been thinking about hiring a security guard or team of guards for your business in Western New York. Do you need armed guards or unarmed guards?

The Times for Armed Guards

Armed guards carry firearms at all times and can use them when needed. After all, they’ve been trained and licensed to use their firearms. Notably, depending on your needs, you can have armed guards openly carrying their firearm to serve as an extra deterrent, or they can carry concealed if you want to avoid alarming your patrons.

With that in mind, when might a business want armed guards on their property?

Generally, if a place is known to be in a high-crime area– known for violence, fights and problems, then it makes sense to hire armed guards. Also, if money or valuables need protection, armed guards are a must!

Thieves love to try and steal expensive jewelry and artwork, as well as cash. It’s no wonder, then, that jewelry stores, art galleries and banks generally hire armed guards.

The Times for Unarmed Guards

What about unarmed guards? This is the right choice for the majority of businesses. Unarmed guards will save you money because they don’t make as much money as armed guards and aren’t as expensive to insure.

Since unarmed guards will not potentially have to use a firearm on your property (and cause injury or death), you don’t need to worry about being financially responsible for such a debacle. Unarmed guards generally receive training on how to deter criminals in non-lethal ways. Furthermore, they act as the connection between your business and the police. Unarmed guards can get in touch with law enforcement officers quickly when they need to!

Still not sure if you want to hire armed or unarmed security guards? That’s fine– call C.O.P. Security and discuss your specific needs and concerns with us. Our number is 585-750-5608 and we serve parts of Western and Central New York State. In business since 1987, C.O.P. Security is ready to help you figure out whether or not you should hire armed (or unarmed) guards.

Reasons to Invest in Security Services During the Pandemic

Turn on the news and you’ll probably want to turn it off. Lately, it has just been bad news, all day every day, it seems. Of course there’s the coronavirus pandemic, which has plagued America (and the world) for much of 2020. It has caused people to not be in their right minds. You probably know some people who barely leave their house ; well, they do not want to get sick and you can’t blame them. Covid-19 has the potential to to be fatal.

Security Guards

Meanwhile, if you watch the news you’ll notice civil unrest in places like Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Louisville and Rochester, among other cities. People are taking to the streets and rioting and looting. It’s a scary time to be alive in many places– even places where people previously felt “safe.”

During this pandemic era, you should invest in security services. Now, more than ever, businesses and organizations need to be on guard because society has undergone such massive changes in a short period of time. What used to be good is bad and what used to be bad is good. And “the rules” change almost daily. People are confused, fatigued, out of work, depressed, angry and a whole host of negative emotions… And they’re restless. That’s exactly why you need to think about investing in security services if you care about your business, organization, place and people.

Do you want your place to be robbed or looted? Do you want it burned down? No. Therefore you need vigilant security that keeps watch on what you own at all times. And if people are involved– and they usually are– you’ll want them to feel as safe and guarded as possible, especially during a time where people are wearing masks and acting out of sorts, for better or worse.

Do you need security guards who are sensitive to handling people, things and situations during a pandemic? Call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608 or email C.O.P. Security offers foot patrols, vehicle patrols, armed/unarmed guards and/or special event security services.

Should You Use a Security Guard to Check Employee Temperatures?

Non Contact Thermometer

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses and organizations operate on a daily basis. It’s not unusual for people coming into a building or office to have a “temperature check.” This usually involves a person holding what looks like a little gun (an infrared device) to a person’s forehead and then pressing a button to get a digital readout of that person’s temperature. By doing this, they can see whether or not the person has a fever. If they do, they should not be there! If they don’t, they’re “safe” to come into the building or office.

Temperature Checks Can Help Control the Spread of Disease in Workplace

While temperature checks may be an imperfect measure, they’re one of the tools companies use these days to help prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. 

Besides temperature checks, some measures include asking people if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 (such as coughing, shortness of breath) or if they’ve recently travelled to a high-risk area recently. 

Most companies have scrambled to find someone to take people’s temperatures and ask them questions/fill out forms. Is this a duty to give to an office assistant? What about asking a security guard to do this?

COP Security has security guards you can hire to handle your company or organization’s temperature checks and COVID-19 questionnaires. Our professionals can literally watch the door to make sure no one gets into your place who shouldn’t be there, including a person who may have COVID-19. 

With training, personal protective equipment, a no-touch thermometer, and an understanding of confidentiality considerations, security guards can take people’s temperatures and help ensure a safe workplace.

These days you can’t be “too safe.” People are nervous and worried about the spread of COVID-19. What is your company or organization doing to protect people from harm?

Need someone to take temperature checks where you work? Call COP Security at 585-750-5608.

The Advantages of Hiring a Private Security Guard During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Security Guard During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a slew of challenges for businesses as they adjust to their “new normal.’’ In addition to making sure their employees and customers are able to stay safe and healthy, there are also new security challenges for companies to figure out.

With everyone seemingly tedious from the pandemic, tensions are at an all time high, and we can see how that has affected businesses at their workplaces. It seems like every day there is a new video circulating of an angry customer screaming at employees or other patrons, and scaring everyone in the store or restaurant with their anger. It puts employees in an awkward predicament; they are there to provide great customer service and aren’t really trained to handle escalating situations and disputes.

That’s where having a security presence can come in handy. A uniformed security guard can act as an objective enforcer of the rules, and remove your employees from awkward situations. He or she can make sure that customers are wearing a mask if that’s a rule and that they remain socially distant. Should things escalate, he or she has the experience and training to calm a situation down, and prevent an incident from spiraling out of control and going ‘’viral.’’

What’s more, in the event you’re limiting the amount of occupants allowed to enter your building, a professional security guard can make sure you don’t go over your occupancy and that all local and state laws are complied for.

Perhaps above all else, during these uncertain times a security guard provides employers, employees and customers with peace of mind and reassurances that this is a safe place to be.

If you’re looking for reliable security guards in Monroe, Orleans or Erie County, learn how COP Security can help.  

C.O.P. Security Is Here to Help You With Your Security Needs

Security Guard Services

Since approximately early March of 2020, the world as we know it has drastically changed. The COVID-19 pandemic has tragically cost over 100,000 Americans their lives, and sadly, that number will continue to increase.

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned what had been a strong economy to one in which we find ourselves with over 40 million unemployed Americans, as businesses throughout New York State and America wait for the green light to open and serve their customers and clients once again. Regrettably, the interruption has forced many businesses to make the difficult decision to close permanently.  

C.O.P. Security Is Here to Help

There has also been myriad other issues over the past few months that have affected our country’s core. As we all look towards the future and begin the process of picking up the pieces and rebuilding our country’s economy, we want to let you know that C.O.P. Security is here for you if you need us. We’re sure you’ve heard that many times from countless businesses since March, but at C.O.P. Security, we truly prioritize working closely with our clients, listen intently to their situations and provide the best security solutions for their needs. In fact, if we cannot help you with your security needs, we’ll still point you in the right direction and find you the help you need.

We offer a wide range of security services in the Rochester, NY area, including in Monroe County, Genesee County and Orleans County . To learn more about our services or to discuss your specific needs, contact us today.

Here’s Why You Should Hire a Security Guard From an Outside Company

So you own and/or run a business. And you want to keep it safe and secure from any threats, including theft. What can you do? You can hire a security guard from an outside company. Why do that, as opposed to hiring someone “in-house?”

Superior Training

Security Guards

It’s a good idea to hire a security guard from an outside company for a number of reasons. For example, most security companies offer top-notch training so their guards are prepared for anything! What’s more, these companies have protocols in place should something go amiss.


Security guard companies usually have uniforms for their guards which give them a professional appearance and communicate to the world that they’re serious about their job and came to work– not to just goof off and look at their phones all shift. Moreover, when a company is focused on providing security, and that’s their main focus, a business owner/manager can feel good about them, knowing they’re dedicated to helping them stay safe– they’re not distracted with other things, as safety and security are their highest priorities.  

Usage of Technology

Today, most security guards utilize technology to their– and your–advantage. For instance, they can use cameras and footage to “be in several places at once.” 

Peace of Mind

Hiring a security guard from an outside company will help give business owners, managers, employees and visitors a greater sense of safety as well as peace of mind. And unlike individual hires, utilizing a company means there are multiple guards to choose from, for different shifts too… Imagine only having one “in-house” security guy– what if he or she has a scheduling conflict? Then there’s no security on duty for hours, days, weeks or more? At least with an outside company there’s a pool of guards to choose from! 

In Rochester, NY, and the surrounding region, you can hire a security guard from C.O.P. Security Inc. to guard your business or other entity. Please call 585-750-5608 for more info or email