When Should Schools Consider Hiring Security Guards

Schools are public places where many people gather each day. From administrators to teachers and students to parents, a school is one of a community’s major gathering spots, and therefore, sadly, a target for those who want to upset the community with violent behavior.

Schools house the most vulnerable of our population: kids. If a madman wants to tragically take out their frustration and anger with whomever, shooting up an elementary school, for example, is a way for them to unleash their evil while also gaining notoriety and fame. Sadly, we’ve almost become numb when hearing about such unspeakable tragedies.

So, should schools hire security guards? In the society we live in today? Yes. The more watchful adults patrolling school grounds there are, the safer a school can be. Security guards are always on the lookout for suspicious activity. They’re on the premises with a watchful eye, ready to confront anyone who seems out of place and up to no good. They watch for illegal drug activity, kidnapping situations, as well as guns or knives.

Schools should not be defenseless against perpetrators of crime and violence. Having security guards on school property sends a signal to the community that the school is serious about keeping both people and property safe. Security guards bring people much needed “peace of mind” in a world where we’re constantly barraged with bad news.

Besides guarding against outside threats, security guards are also vital to schools today because they’re “there” to witness, and perhaps stop, any harassment or fights between students and/or between students and staffers. It’s important to have security guards on duty during school hours because they’re trained to diffuse problem situations.

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Reasons Hospitals Should Have a Security Presence

You’ve probably heard stories where someone put on a lab coat and snuck into a hospital, pretending they were a doctor, going where they didn’t belong… in our world of violence and deception, it’s important for hospitals to have security guards. After all, some of the most vulnerable people are lying in beds in hospitals and should have the comfort of knowing there are people on patrol of the hospital hallways making sure things are safe. Friends and family members visiting those in hospitals also like to know there’s security “just in case” they need them for any reason– even simple things like asking directions within the hallways of maze-like hospitals.

Security Patients’ lives are more important than things. Sure, money, purses, and artwork matter, but not as much as people’s lives. Many people staying in hospitals feel like they’re at the mercy of whomever is around them, from orderlies to nurses and then some. Having security guards gives hospital patients and their visitors a peace of mind that’s critically important during their trying time.

Besides security cameras monitoring hospitals, it’s good to have real, live, breathing, thinking security guards on duty at all times to assist as needed. A hospital security guard watches over entrances and exits. He or she may deal with any alarms that go off. If someone gets disruptive and emotional, a security guard is there to calm him or her down and restore peace.

From finding missing patients to breaking up little fights, a hospital security guard’s shift is never boring– and full of variety. They’re an integral part of the hospital staff, keeping calm under pressure, ready for challenges, and team players who help make sure the hospital functions at its best.

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Signs of a Bad Security Guard

Security guards have a big responsibility. You don’t want to hire bad guards. What are some signs you might have hired bad guards?

Security GuardsFirst, do your guards seem distracted? Are they more interested in trolling Facebook on their smartphone than paying attention to what’s going on right in front of them? Do they seem like they’re always on their phone? Who are they talking to? Are they using the Internet and not doing their job? If so, they’re too distracted and shouldn’t be a guard. Furthermore, if they seem “spaced out” or “not all there,” they’re a bad guard. Basically, good guards are ever-present and focused on their job.

Next, sometimes guards seem like they’re great, but you put them on a certain shift and it just doesn’t work out. For instance, maybe they’re a night person and you’ve got them working afternoons when they’d rather be napping. Or they’re a morning person and you’ve scheduled them late at night… Bad guards sleep on the job and that’s not good. Ideally, a guard’s inner clock has to adapt well to their shift work or else they need to look elsewhere for employment.

Also, you might have a bad security guard on your hands if you find out they’re very biased toward certain people. You need a security guard that is objective and focuses on what they see.

Brand new security guards don’t have the experience old timers do, so they can turn out to be bad guards simply for not having enough time on the job to know the ins-and-outs of it. It’s not a good idea to leave a brand new security guard on their own when they’re first starting out– it’s best to pair them with a mentor who can help guide them along so they grow into their position.

In a related thought, if a security guard is unfamiliar with a place, he or she may end up being bad at their job because they don’t know enough about the area. They might also not have the right temperament for the location where they’re assigned. For example, if a guard is going to be around kids but they come off as angry and mean, they’re probably not stationed in the right place at the right time. It’s better to get someone who likes working with kids to man that spot. Meanwhile, there are certain areas where toughness and “the intimidation factor” makes sense. Guards should work where their personality fits.

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Do You Need Armed or Unarmed Security Guards?

Security Guards If and when you want to protect a place and/or the people at that place, do you need armed or unarmed security guards? It depends on the specific situation.

Unarmed guards work well for large events, apartment/office complexes, and plants/facilities where they’ll make workers, customers and visitors feel secure just by their presence. Unarmed guards are specifically trained to keep order. Furthermore, they’re a visible deterrent to those who might want to commit a crime, start trouble, or cause problems for others. Unarmed guards make sense working at entrances and checkpoints in order to maintain an organized, watched setting. Unarmed guards are regularly utilized at businesses and events.

Armed guards work well for “high-risk” locations where there’s lots of foot traffic and/or valuable assets involved. Banks are most likely to utilize armed guards, since huge sums of cash needs to be guarded against theft. Other places where armed guards make sense include schools, residential neighborhoods known for criminal activity, and warehouses with expensive inventory inside. In addition, armed guards are often used to transport public figures, such as well-known politicians. Why hire armed guards? They deter crime. People thinking of committing a crime will think twice when they see an armed guard on patrol.

C.O.P. Security provides unarmed or armed guards to many places in Western New York. Officers are reliable, highly-trained, and effective at their jobs. Indeed, many of C.O.P.’s armed guards come from a background of having used firearms in their previous jobs as police officers.

Whether they’re armed or unarmed, security guards provide peace-of-mind to people, helping make an area feel more calm as needed. In a world where violence and theft and trouble make the headlines, security guards are needed now more than ever to help put people at ease– especially in public settings.

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How Branded Patrol Vehicles Can Help Your Security Efforts

People who are up to no good prefer places where they’re not watched by others, where there aren’t a lot of lights lighting up sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and buildings, and where they feel they can get away with a crime without being noticed.

Security Patrol CarIf you have a large area that you’d like to have patrolled, consider hiring C.O.P. Security with branded vehicle patrol cars. These vehicles clearly communicate to any and all people who see them that they’re being watched by a security guard. They help control access to certain areas of parking lots and such, as well as deter crime.

Think about it this way: if you have a branded vehicle that clearly states it’s for “security,” and it’s driving around an area, people are going to notice it. They can’t help but notice it because it’s so obvious. This actually helps make people feel safer. Why? It tells them someone in authority is watching over them, and can help them if they need it. Even if it’s for something simple like lost people asking the security guard for directions, the patrol car helps provide peace-of-mind to people in a certain area. It’s better to have a person or two patrolling a place by foot and by car than to have no one around.

Furthermore, a branded vehicle patrol tells potential thieves and criminals that this particular place is well-guarded. Hence, they’re likely to go elsewhere for their shenanigans, where they won’t be noticed or bothered by security guards. If you want to keep people out of a certain area, especially at night, the headlights of a security patrol car certainly helps do that!

C.O.P. vehicle patrols can be done at any hour of the day or night. They’re a proactive way to give security guards an impactful, visible presence in a large area. Please call 585-750-5608 to ask about branded vehicle patrols for your property or properties.


Why Shopping Centers Should Beef Up Their Security During the Holiday Season

Shopping centers should  beef up their security during the holiday season because it’s prime time for lots of shoppers with money in their pockets to make their way there. Consequently, with increased foot traffic comes increased opportunity for something to go awry. Plus, opportunistic shoplifters love the extra traffic because it takes attention off them.

Holiday ShoppingAs such, the more security guards on duty during the holiday shopping season at malls, big box stores and shopping centers, the better, as it’s important to have as many trained eyes watching over shoppers as possible. Now, more than ever, shoppers want and need to feel safe.

If you’ve paid attention to the news lately, there have been too many problems at shopping centers, including six people shot during Black Friday sales, including a Walmart customer who died in a fight over a parking space.

These Black Friday shopping center shootings occurred at malls in Tennessee, a Macy’s in New Jersey, and the aforementioned Walmart, located in Nevada. Here’s the thing: violence knows no bounds, so what was once thought to be a big city problem in highly populated areas can and does happen literally anywhere, at any time, for any reason.

The best way to help shopping crowds feel safe is to provide uniformed, professional security guards who are walking or standing near them. This means having more guards than normal, in more places than normal. Should malls, for instance, have security guards at or near their entrances/exits this holiday shopping season? Yes. They should also be walking around the mall, too. The more visible, the better. Thieves and bad people will go where they’re not being watched to do things they shouldn’t be doing– therefore, don’t even give them the opportunity!

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How to Become More Observant of Your Surroundings

Security GuardsDo you know someone who is the type of person who seemingly never notices anything going on around them? It’s like they’re oblivious to their surroundings. Obviously security guards cannot be that type of person. Security guards need to be the most observant people in a room or an area because that is one of the main aspects of the job.

So how can everyday people become more observant of our surroundings?

First, you can train your brain to focus on specific things. Much like you exercise to build muscle, you can adopt the mindset that you’re going to look for certain things around you wherever you go. This gets your mind in the habit of looking for important things around you, such as the exit, the fire extinguisher, or light switches in a room.

Keep in mind that no one can pay attention to everything around them all the time. That’s not humanly possible. But, that said, a person can pay special attention to things that matter most, especially if they’re employed in a job where observation is key.

One way to get in the habit of noticing certain things around you is to challenge yourself. For instance, rather than sit down in a mall food court and just look at your phone the whole time, observe people around you. How are they acting and interacting with others? Do you see any patterns? Try this: pick an item to look for, such as a wristwatch, and make a mental note every single time you see a person wearing one in the scene you’re observing. If you’ve rarely looked up, take time to scan the walls and ceilings looking for anything out of the ordinary. You might notice security cameras that you never knew were there before you took the time to notice them.

Another way to observe your surroundings is to become a student of the neighborhood and/or city where you live. Take time to read local newspapers and websites. Watch local TV newscasts. Get to know who is who, what they do, and where/when certain events take place. Rather than just veg out to reruns of sitcoms on TV, become a more active participant in the world around you.

Do you know someone who always notices things? Spend some time with them and observe how they do what they do. Ask questions. Learn tips from them.

Reasons to Have a Security Guard in Commercial Buildings

Workplace SecurityAs the world seemingly gets more violent, you’ve probably noticed you have to check in with a security guard when entering or exiting a building, store, airport or other public place more and more these days.

Anyone who watches the news or keeps tab on news’ websites knows that violence at workplaces where a wide variety of people gather is an all too common occurrence.

It doesn’t matter where you work. It could be in a rural area, a suburban one, or the city, and you still have the potential for violent acts to occur on premises. That’s why commercial buildings should hire professional security guards to screen visitors.

You never know who might try and enter your building. It could be a laid-off employee, a jealous boyfriend, or someone who is clinically insane and out to hurt people.

It’s not unusual for people to carry guns or other things, such as knives, on their person. Whether or not they use them, one thing’s for sure: a security guard lessens the chance that they’ll use them at your workplace to harm others– better safe than sorry.

Give your employees peace of mind by hiring C.O.P. security guards to literally guard your commercial building’s entrances and exits so there’s a proper account of who is in the building at all times. Furthermore, security guards help protect against unwanted visitors who might try to steal company information or property.

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Tips for Staying Alert While on a Security Job

Security GuardsAs humans, sometimes we get bored or tired and need to sleep. However, many of us have jobs where we shouldn’t doze off– ever–because it could put someone else in danger. Take, for instance, the job of security guard. They need to be wide awake and always alert on the job. So what are some of their secrets that you can use to stay alert at your job?

First off, getting out of a stationary area and going for a brisk walk can do wonders for getting the body energy level a quick and much-needed boost. When you’re feeling fatigued, you don’t have to train hard at the gym. Rather, low-impact exercise like walking helps perk your body up. Even something as simple as getting out of a chair and doing some leg lifts, jumping jacks and stretches can help make your body feel better.

Next, listening to music while you work can oftentimes keep you alert. Perhaps you’d think it’s a distraction, but music playing in the background is something that actually helps increase your concentration levels according to experts. Maybe it’s because your brain has to be active to hear and interpret the lyrics or rhythms? Adding music to a room does help perk up the people in it. No wonder parties have music!

Do you get tired eyes at work? Most people do. Here’s a trick to relax your eye muscles– focus on a spot far off in the distance for 30 seconds. Ideally, look out of a window into the distance. Distance vision can help relax eye muscles that are strained.

While some workers rely on energy drinks or coffee to stay alert, which can help in some cases, remember that the highs are often followed with the lows– you crash! Why not utilize certain foods to sustain your energy during the workday, like certain granola bars? Nuts, fruits and veggies are good snack foods to help you stay alert and healthy.

Finally, a simple way to revive yourself at work is to splash cold water on your face and forehead. It’s an instant pick-me-up!


Examining the Important Role of Professional Security Guards

Security Guard A professional security guard is not a police officer, but their role does involve keeping people and property safe from harm.

Generally, the role of a professional security guard is to protect a property, such as a public building, bank, store, or museum. They’re the eyes and ears of a place, helping to enforce rules as needed and responding to security issues that occur. Security guards work to prevent problems. When problems do occur, they respond in some way to help diffuse the situation. Furthermore, they communicate with the public.

A security guard’s key skills include observation, decision making and physical strength. Their physical presence may be used to deter bad behaviors such as theft or vandalism. In some cases, a security guard may need to physically remove disruptive people from the premises they’re watching over. Crowd control can also be a role a security guard assumes, making sure people are safe from harm when too many people are crowding into a confined space.

Should a major incident occur, such as a fire or a medical emergency, the security guard on duty needs to call for appropriate help and standby the situation, calming people and, if needed, giving them clear orders on what to do and what not to do in order to stay safe.

Indeed, security guards are often put in the position of offering people assurance in times of distress. As an enforcer of rules, they’re the “go-to” person for a building or property. It’s not unusual for people to ask security guards for directions on how to get somewhere and/or to have the guard authorize people to enter a building or certain area.

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