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How Security Guards Stay Safe in the Field

Security guards have a job that puts them at personal risk while doing their duties. How do security guards stay safe in the field? Who watches the watchers? Criminals and people up to no good are often on the lookout for anyone who wants to thwart their plans. Therefore, security guards have to outsmart them…. Read more »

The Debate of Hiring a School Security Guard

If you’re of a certain age, you can remember a time when it was pretty much unthinkable that violence would occur at school. Today, however, it’s almost become “the norm,” sadly, and that’s why many school districts, whether rural, suburban or city, hire school security guards. The Debate on Whether Schools Need Security Guards There… Read more »

Should Your Business Beef Up Security?

C.O.P. Security serves several Western and Central New York counties, including ones around the cities of Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse. What are some reasons your Western or Central New York business needs to beef up their security presence? Employee Safety First, do you have employees who have to walk to their vehicles in the parking… Read more »

Why Parking Garage Security Guards Are a Smart Investment

Thieves and malevolent opportunists like to operate at night, when it’s dark outside. This way it’s harder for people to notice what they’re up to. And they’re usually up to negative things that can annoy otherwise respectable and nice people. For instance, take parking garages. These places can be downright scary at night. You’re walking… Read more »

Should a Business Park Have a Security Presence?

No matter where they’re located, business parks should have a security presence, especially in today’s world. Ideally, businesses in business parks want to keep their employees and visitors safe from harm. They also want to make sure their money, equipment and valuable assets are protected from thieves. Business parks can benefit from having security cameras… Read more »

As Outdoor Events Make Their Comeback, Remember to Hire Security Guards

The coronavirus pandemic meant the cancellation of many events, including outdoor ones. That said, it looks like things are getting a bit back to normal such that more outdoor events will be scheduled and actually take place this year. What types of guards should you consider hiring for them? Bodyguards If you’ve got someone famous… Read more »

How the Job Description of a Security Guard Has Evolved Over the Years

Security Guard in Uniform Using a Walk Talkie

We see security guards around town and take them as a “given.” They’re normal and not at all unusual in today’s modern society. But it wasn’t always like it is today. For hundreds of years, there weren’t law enforcement agencies or security guards. There were, however, “watchmen,” who kept watch over people, groups or places…. Read more »