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Why Security Guards Are Needed

Security Guards

In the news recently you’ve heard/seen reports of mass shootings. They can happen anywhere these days, from a garlic festival in California to a Wal-Mart in Texas. It seems like the USA has way too many of these shootings, and we do– as of August 5th, there have been 255 mass shootings in the U.S.,… Read more »

Should You Have a Security Guard At a Construction Site?

Security for a Construction Site

If you think about it, construction sites actually have a lot of things worth protecting, including people, machines, equipment, tools, and building materials. In a world where people will try and steal stuff to resell it and make money, do you really want to leave your construction site unprotected from thieves and vandals? C.O.P. Security… Read more »

How Schools Should Evaluate Their Security Guards

Evaluating School Security Guards

Perhaps now more than ever parents are concerned about who is watching their kids at school. With all these school shootings going on, people are scared. Will their little one be the victim of gun violence while they’re trying to learn their reading, writing and arithmetic? How should you, as a parent or school administrator… Read more »

How to Assess Your School’s Security Needs

School Security Needs

If you work at a school in the Rochester/Western New York area, when’s the last time you assessed your school’s security needs? Having a security plan in place is both mental and physical. It’s mental in the sense that you and others in the building know what to do if and when something bad happens–… Read more »

What Does a School Security Guard Do?

Security guard in front of school

There are more and more schools across the country hiring security guards these days. School security guards are put into place to protect students and teachers and provide communities with peace of mind. School security guards often have a variety of responsibilities throughout the course of a normal day. Here are several things school security… Read more »

How Many Security Guards Do I Need for My Event?

You’re having an event and you want to hire security guards. Inevitably, you’ll ask yourself this question: “How many guards do I need?” Most times, people underestimate the number with the intent to not spend “too much” money on guards, but in today’s increasingly violent (and sometimes bizarre) world, safety needs to be a chief… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Consider Hiring Security Guards for a New Year’s Eve Party

There are generally two types of drunks: happy ones and angry ones. The happy ones will sing off-key, loudly, while putting their arm around you as they stumble over to the punch bowl for more spiked punch. The angry ones will shout, “What are you looking at?” Even if you’re not looking at them, or… Read more »