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Safety Precautions That Security Guards Take

Ever wonder what fills the mind of a security guard on duty? He or she has to take precautions for their own safety! You can learn from them when you discover what some of the things they do to stay safe include… Plan to Be One Step Ahead For starters, smart security guards are always… Read more »

How Private Security Companies Help Citizens Stay Safe

Professional Security Guards

Private security companies like C.O.P. play an important role in keeping us safe. The police cannot be everywhere at all times. Therefore, private security helps fill their role of watching over people and making sure the peace is kept at places like banks, community pools, churches, shopping centers, offices and other places people live, work… Read more »

Should Schools Have More Security Guards?

Back in 2012, Adam Lanza killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Most of those people were young schoolchildren. Sadly, this was not/is not an isolated incident. Unfortunately, school shootings have become almost commonplace in America. More and more, one turns on the news only to hear about yet another school… Read more »

How Security Guards Can Help Apartment Building Owners

Apartment building owners should consider hiring security guards to keep residents safe. Apartment buildings often involve many tenants all living fairly close together. They tend to share a lot of common spaces, whether it’s their lobby, the hallways, or laundry rooms. Meanwhile, some apartment buildings include amenities like swimming pools or parking garages– all areas… Read more »

What Power Do Security Guards Have?

Security Guards

What power or authority do security guards have? While their authority is not on par with police officers, they are able to enforce many similar things. Take, for instance, rules at a private residence or a business. Whatever rules the owner has made are the rules a security guard can and should enforce– as long… Read more »

Why Teamwork Between Security Guards is Vital

Events often have many people gathered in multiple places, which can include tents, rooms, and fenced-in areas. Because events have a lot of people and take up a lot of space, it makes sense to have a team of security guards working them. Indeed, those guards need to work together as a team in order… Read more »

Obtain These Answers Before Hiring a Security Guard

Security Guard Service

There are stories of homeowner associations and other groups hiring security guard company to patrol the grounds because they were worried about teenagers vandalizing their gazebo and playgrounds. Things didn’t go well when problems happened but the guard was nowhere to be found– what was he doing? Where was he? Why didn’t he check that… Read more »

The Role of a Security Supervisor

Security is employed to offer protection against theft, vandalism and, in some cases, people involved in violence or other dangerous behaviors. Security is often called to “keep the peace” at a place, whether it’s an office building, retail shop, or public event. When there are several security guards involved in working somewhere, they require a… Read more »

Common Duties of Security Guards

Security guards often deal with uncertainty. They have to rely on their judgment to make good decisions. Safety is of utmost importance. Ideally, guards need to be decent communicators as they’ll be talking with people, listening to people, observing people and places, and writing reports about what they saw. Security Guard Duties What are some… Read more »

Why Businesses Should Consider Unarmed Security Guards

You own a business and want that business to thrive. You don’t want people stealing from or harming your business. Ideally, your business is a peaceful, calm place with a sense of order and security. Consider hiring an unarmed security guard from C.O.P. Security for your business. To ensure the overall safety of your business,… Read more »