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Why Shopping Centers Should Beef Up Their Security During the Holiday Season

Shopping centers should  beef up their security during the holiday season because it’s prime time for lots of shoppers with money in their pockets to make their way there. Consequently, with increased foot traffic comes increased opportunity for something to go awry. Plus, opportunistic shoplifters love the extra traffic because it takes attention off them…. Read more »

How to Become More Observant of Your Surroundings

Do you know someone who is the type of person who seemingly never notices anything going on around them? It’s like they’re oblivious to their surroundings. Obviously security guards cannot be that type of person. Security guards need to be the most observant people in a room or an area because that is one of… Read more »

Tips for Staying Alert While on a Security Job

As humans, sometimes we get bored or tired and need to sleep. However, many of us have jobs where we shouldn’t doze off– ever–because it could put someone else in danger. Take, for instance, the job of security guard. They need to be wide awake and always alert on the job. So what are some… Read more »

Why Politicians Need Reliable Security Guards for Speaking Engagements

All it takes is one crazy person to ruin a political event. Therefore, political figures need to have reliable security escorts when doing public engagements. Society has become increasingly violent, so security guards are needed now more than ever before. There are plenty of elected officials, like senators and mayors, as well as opinionated broadcasters… Read more »

Is This the Future of Security Guards?

Silicon Valley is known for technological innovation. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being used to develop things that will seemingly help society be better off than it is now. For instance, did you know there are robotics companies working on robotic security guards? One company, Knightscope, makes two robots which they rent out to… Read more »