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How Security Guards Could Benefit Bar Owners

Bar owners have many responsibilities. Because bars provide alcohol to patrons, who sometimes have “a little too much” and get not only tipsy but also angry, bar owners can benefit greatly from hiring security guards. Think about it this way: bars are prone to brawling. Men (and sometimes ladies) get into fights at bars. Does… Read more »

Why Security Guards Are a Prudent Investment for Big Businesses

Big businesses should hire C.O.P. Security’s experienced and skilled corporate security forces to maintain orderly operations and convey a distinctive corporate image that communicates, “We take security seriously.” Corporate security officers fulfill several roles while on-duty, making sure clients, coworkers, employees and customers are able to work in peace while the company’s assets are protected…. Read more »

Security Guards Ensure Safety At Major Events

Sometimes it seems that security guards get a bad rep, either on the silver screen or on the TV. It’s as if when someone thinks of security guards, they immediately conjure an image of someone sluggish, someone sitting in a little telephone booth and doing a crossword puzzle, nonchalantly letting people go by. Basically, a… Read more »

Why Businesses Should Have a Safety Buffer In Place

We’ve become a society where you can’t feel too comfortable leaving your doors unlocked all the time and letting anybody just wander through the doors and inside your building. On the news you hear horror stories all the time about deranged people attacking others when they make their way into places like offices, schools, and… Read more »

Reasons to Hire Security Guards For Your Business

In order to attract quality personnel to your business, it’s essential that you provide employees with a work environment they can feel safe in.  After all, who wants to go to work each day and worry about strangers entering their workspace or about other undesirable issues arising? One way to ensure your employees feel safe… Read more »